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Counseling for Foreign Residents


The firm's services include providing advice to nonresidents with an emphasis on tax aspects of real estate.


We represent nonresidents in real estate transactions in Israel, emphasizing all the individual tax laws that apply in their country. In some cases, transactions conducted in Israel may impose a tax on the foreign resident in his country of origin, and it is necessary to be aware of this.


For example, a British resident who has children in Israel, who owns land in Israel, is subject to an estate tax in England which amounts to 40% of the land value.


In such cases, I advise older residents to transfer their assets to their children in gift deals - an action that could save the family a very high amount of money.

REAL estate

Real estate and real estate taxes, preparation of sales contracts, purchase agreements, lease agreements, partnership agreements, contractor agreements and more.


Case Studies:


  • Acquisition of luxury Tel Aviv beach front hotel; Mr. Shefer's firm has handled all permits, financing, contractual agreements with vendors and staff, legal defense against permit opposition claims and day-to-day communication with shareholders and management.


  • Complete handling of the acquisition and consequent sale of a $10M condominium in a luxury residential tower in Tel Aviv.


  • Handling of the purchase of several parcels and re-zoning them into one residential parcel, followed by providing the legal umbrella for the construction of a 60,000 square feet mansion for a well-known British hedge-fund manager.


  • Legal services for the acquisition and sales of dozens of properties in some of Israel's most prestigious areas. 


  • Representing a Canadian senior citizen whose passport was forged and used for a fraudulent sale of real estate he owned. Mr. Shefer litigated against the "sellers", the buyers and the insurance companies until the sale was cancelled and the property returned to its lawful owner.

real estate

estate Law & estate planning

Wills (with an emphasis on tax issues), probate and inheritance orders, objections to probate, drafting prenuptial agreements, representation in court, estate management.


Case Studies:


Representation of a New York customer's objection to her deceased sister's Will regarding the inheritance of a luxury home in Israel. Mr. Shefer litigated the case in several court levels over a period of 5 years, including depositions in New York, appeals, removal of resisting resident and finally taking physical ownership of the property.

Estate law

Corporations, Associations & Partnerships

Establishment and registration of associations of any kind, accompanying partner association and litigation (court representation) in all instances.


Contracts and agreements, including consulting and distribution agreements, loan agreements, founders' agreements, franchise agreements, employment agreements, etc.


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