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Uncompromising professionalism

Over 20 years of experience in representing private, commercial, and corporate clients with an emphasis on personal contact, accessibility and discretion.



Law firm and notary with extensive experience in commercial-civil law, with an emphasis on real estate and foreign resident representation, inheritance law and court representation.

Adv. Shefer has more than 20 years of experience in compiling hundreds of real estate and commercial agreements between private individuals and corporate bodies, and with extensive representation in the courts.

This level of knowledge and legal understanding gives special value to his clients - both in maintaining their contractual rights and in representing them before the courts.

His office places a special emphasis on uncompromising professionalism, fairness, caring and customer accessibility.

Personal and direct contact and discretion, are integral parts of the high-quality legal service provided.


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Real Estate

Corporations, Associations & Partnerships

Counseling for Foreign Residents

Notary Services in English

Contract Law & Commercial Litigation

Estate Law & Estate Tax Planning

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V TOWER - 23 Bar Kochva st. 11th floor Bnei Brak

ISRAEL 5126002

Phone: +972-35225543  +972-36133944

Mobile: +972-522805686

FAX: +972-35275703

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